FAQ and support documentation for CallPage


Step 1: Enter your panel and go to Widgets. Then find the widget you want to change and click Edit.

change look.png



Step 2: Choose widget view and then Customize widget view. A window will appear. There you can customize your widget's looks.





Step 3: If you want to change the content, click text on the plugin (in the left corner of the screen).


In the right corner of the screen you will find more functions. They allow you to:

  • choose plugin screen on which you want to change the text and choose the language of the plugin
  • choose color scheme or choose your own color
  • change the position of the button on the website and customize CSS styles



Step 4: After introducing all the changes click Save.



If you have any problems with changing your widget's looks, call or write us.


We will help you.

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