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Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool which makes it easy for teams to work and communicate. From now on the users of Slack can integrate it with Callpage and make their work even easier! If you integrate Slack with CallPage you will receive notifications about your inbound calls - without the need to log on to CallPage panel.

How does CallPage work?

CallPage is a widget which can be installed on your website. CallPage's algorithms measure the behavior of the Internet users who visit your website (such as the time and frequencyof their visit). If the system detects a potential customer, it displays a pop up which offers a free phone call from your company's customer service.

After receiving the phone number, CallPage connects your employee with a potential customer in 28. Thus the anonymous visitor becomes a real person. Now you can talk to him, get to know him, and sell him your product or service.


Why is it worth using CallPage ?

The widget allows you to contact your potential customers right when they are really interested in your product or service. During the phone call you can learn more about your potential customer's needs and encourage them to buy. 


Slack and Callpage: what do you gain?

If you integrate Slack with CallPage you will receive information about inbound calls ordered through CallPage. You will no longer have to log on to CallPage panel so you will save a lot of time! 


The process of integration takes only 5 minutes.



Step 1: Go to customer panel in CallPage, choose Widgets and then edit the widget.





Step 2: Go to Integrations tab and create a new integration.





Step 3: Choose Slack from the list of available integrations and authenticate with your Slack account.





Step 4: From the list of teams choose the one you want to integrate with CallPage widget.





Step 5: Choose the channel to which you want to receive information about inbound calls made through CallPage and authorize the integration.





Step 6: Your integration is ready! Now you will receive notification about each and every phone call ordered through CallPage in one of your Slack channels.





We hope that you will enjoy working with our widget!


Should you have any questions regarding CallPage don't hesitate to contact us.


We will help you immediately!

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