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1. Can I decide what number will display during call through CallPage? 

Caller ID is available from Premium plan. There are few options:

CallPage numbers - both - manager and  client will see CallPage number

Managers - each manager receives a call with his own number as a caller ID; customer receives with answered manager's number

Custom number - both manager and customer receives a call with the same custom number as a caller ID

Custom number/Customer - managers receive a call with customer's number as a caller ID; customer receives a call with a specified number as a caller ID

Customer - managers receive a call with customer's number as a caller ID; customer receives with answered manager's number




To choose one of available options please go to Widgets >> Edit widget (pencil icon) >> Settings >> Call settings >> Caller ID. Then choose an option and save changes.

Please note that if you choose any option other than CallPage numbers you need to verify the number. You can verify number by SMS or a phone call. To do it please go to My team tab and click Verify next to manager.

2. Can I choose the access level of my team members to my CallPage account?

When you create subaccount you can determine the access level of it. There are the following options:

Consultant - consultant has access to calls and recordings handled by her/him

Manager - has access to all calls and recordings within the framework of his widgets.

Editor - can edit his widgets and has access to all his calls and recordings (like Manager)

Admin - admin has access to everything except billing


my team user edit1.png

You can choose access level while adding new user (My team tab >> Add user) or editing existing subaccount (My team >> Choose user from the list and click pencil icon next to user >> Edit.


3. Why there is Night mode on my website all the time (pop-up with “Unfortunately, we are out of the office. Would you like us to call you back?”) ?

There are several possibilities:

  1. your account is on Free plan

  2. calls limit has been exceeded

  3. consultants under this widget are not available or none of consultants is connected with widget.To check it please go to Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Managers >> Call operators

call operators1.png

4. What does the red icon BETA mean?

When you see BETA icon next to some features in the panel it means that this particular functionality is on testing stage. Beta version is not the final version which is released for the public. Beta version usually has a lot of issues and bugs and needs a lot of software patches. The glitches are solved and the software continuously improved.

5. How can I settle hours when the widget will display on my website?

Widget displays during consultants’ working hours. You can settle office hours in Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Managers >> Call operators. Click the pencil icon next to Call operator, and the window with sliders will display so you can settle working hours. Please note that you are able to settle breaks too by clicking the plus icon next to slider.

6. Night mode 

Night mode enables displaying pop-up window after working hours. If you use this feature, users on your website will see this information on pop-up after your working hours: “Unfortunately, we are out of the office. Would you like us to call you back?” and they will have the possibility to order a call for another date (within working hours). Please note that there is also  a possibility to block ordering a call for a particular date - user has a possibility to order a callback without choosing a date. In such situation lead is marked in the panel (in Calls tab) as grey calendar icon but the system will not generate a callback, you need to make it manually. If you switch off Night mode, the widget will not display on your website after working hours. You can find Night mode in Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Settings >> Advanced.


night mode.png


7. How can I select URL’s on which I want the widget to display?

You can exclude some URL’s or choose particular URL’s on which you want your widget to display. To do it please go to Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Tools >> URL's configuration. In empty field enter URL then choose one of available options “Disallow” or “Allow only” and click Add pattern. Afterwards you can delete existing rule by clicking bin icon next to rule.


url configuration.png


8. What is Press Digit Mode 

This feature has been created to omit redirecting visitors to IVR or answering machines. If you use Press Digit Mode calls are answered by consultants only after clicking any digit

(e.g. “5”). You will find this option in Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Settings >> Call settings.


press digital mode.png

9. Why there is phone number already entered on pop-up window?

The reason is autocomplete - most of browsers remember what you have entered previoulsy. Another possibility is that this is placeholder. It is used or included temporarily or as a substitute for something that is not known or must remain generic. Placeholder reserves a place for something to come later and it disappears when you enter the number.

10.  Can I have more than one widget on the website?

There can be only one CallPage code on the website. If you want to display different widgets within one domain you need to merge widgets. The new code will be generated and you will be able to paste it to your website. After you create all widgets you want to have on your website you need to go to Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Tools >> Merge widgets. Then you create rules (+ Add rule)  for each widget to decide which widget will display on which page or group of pages. At the end you click Generate code, copy the code and past it on your website.


merge widgets.png

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